Academic Publications

Here is a sample of my academic publications:

            Lopez-Rodriguez, Navas,  Cuadrado , Coutant, Worchel (2014). The Majority’s Perceptions about Adaptation to the Host Society of Different Immigrant Groups: The Distinct Role of Warmth and Threat. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 40, 34-48.

            Coutant, D.,  Worchel, S., Bar-Tal, D., and van Raalten, J. (2011). A multidimensional examination of the “Stereotype” concept: A developmental approach. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 35, 92-110.

            Coutant, D., Worchel, S., and Hanza, M. (2010). Pigs, slingshots, and other foundations of intergroup Conflict. In D. Bar-Tal (ed.): Intergroup Conflict and their Resolutions: Social Psychological Perspectives.

            Worchel, S. and Coutant, D. (2008). Between conflict and reconciliation: Toward a theory of peaceful co-existence. In Nadler, A., Malloy, T. E., & Fisher, J.D. (eds.): The Social Psychology of Intergroup Reconciliation. N.Y.: Oxford University Press.                       

            Coutant, D .K. (2006). The effect of a power-imbalanced situation on the cognitive processing of low-power group members. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice,  10(1), 71-83.

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